“The Gym has become like a second home to me the past several months. Whether you are looking to change up your work-out routine, compete, or simply find a top-notch gym in the Denver-area, The Gym has what you are looking for! I have competed in 3 shows. Each became extremely taxing and daunting, especially toward the end. I am now competing in the fitness category and feeling better than ever before. Chris Williamson and the family at The Gym have helped me through the rough obstacles of competing by offering constant support, a “team” atmosphere, a unique mixture of tough love and positive encouragement, and unconditional acceptance. The group work-outs have propelled me to new levels pertaining to my physique as well as my mental, and physical performance. There is nothing like waking up and looking forward to gym time at 8:00 am on a Saturday morning! Consistently seeing those friendly faces and hearing words of unwavering encouragement motivate me weekly. I feel so blessed to have found Chris Williamson and this amazing fitness mecca!” Amanda -September 20, 2012

“I just wanted to give a shot out to The Gym and Chris for everything that I have managed to accomplish in the span of a year. I started working out at The Gym last July 2011 when I hit my heaviest weight ever. I felt foolish at first being around people who were so fit. I started just doing the bootcamp classes one to two nights a week and at first I dreaded going. I couldn’t keep up in class and I struggled to make it through… yes I puked my first class :) BUT I hung in there with the support of everyone in class and began dropping weight fast and it became easier and easier to do class. After a while I was lifting heavier and was sprinting through cardio. I made a ton of friends without whom I would not have reached my weight loss goals which ended in losing a total of 50 pounds and standing on stage during a fitness bikini competition. You become more than a member you become family. I have been able to do things I never would have dreamed possible without the help of Chris and The Gym and I am forever grateful. Bringing fitness and healthy weight loss to life for all walks of life!” Kelly -September 21, 2012

“I love this place! I’ve been members of other gyms, and I have never felt so welcomed until I stepped into The Gym three months ago. Whether it’s to take a class or get a butt kicking workout with my AWESOME trainer Chris Williamson I always look forward to coming to The Gym. Thanks to Chris and everyone there (The Gym “family”) I look forward to always coming a getting a great workout! There are amazing people here! So come out and take a class! You will get hooked, and working out won’t be a “I have to go to The Gym”, but it will be a “I want to go to The Gym”. Natalia -September 21, 2012

“I actually look forward to coming to Boot Camp. (Never thought I’d say that!) Chris and the team make an effort to get to know you, customize a plan that best suits your needs, are incredibly supportive and keep you accountable – I’ve never attended a class where you want to push yourself due to the overwhelming encouragement. The Gym is akin to a family. So glad I joined!” Natalia -October 5, 2012